One comment on “Dear Uncle Snarky … Tykee

  1. OK Snarky, what is the deal with you and the scout? Tykee once had a friend that was dressed in the green uniform but it didn’t have hair on the face! Not sure but I think the Uncle Snarky that I know would go old school on that girl with the beard.

    Enough about that and now I really need to get back to my family problems. I know you sent us some good advice but maybe I just don’t understand everything. You seem to have missed the point, now my dog Tykee has started watching Two and a Half men non stop and he says that you suggested this for his condition. So now I have a cigar smoking, beer drinking, one nut, tv watching dog. The two Farkels are wondering if you will come get him, then he can be the speaker at that stupid boy/girl scout party. That boy/girl needs to maybe take a lesson or two from the Tykee or even the Snarky plus he should work on his/her look. Snarky is the only one with a beard that looks good in a dress according to Tykee!

    As for what he said about Snark being a perv, that is far from the truth and this needs to stop now. My dog wants to have a word with that scout! When I think about the scout it reminds me of this kid I knew in grade school named Sheep Head. I not trying to be mean to the scout but the world doesn’t really need this kind of weird shit anymore! Maybe this boy/girl should go ask the leader of Iran if he can join the scouts there and watch the heads roll….

    See Snarky, I am way off track due to the girl/boy scout, we seem to be having a hard time getting past it… now Tykee is trying to grow another testicle for the scout and now there is a real problem around here. He is running and jumping, trying to eat all of the…..well never mind, this scout thing has really pissed him off. Now it seems that we have another issue to deal with and I will welcome any suggestions that the Uncle Snarky may have that could help us!

    Thanks Uncle Snarky!

    Farkel 1 and 2

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